Path of The blood moon

Marilith Explodes

The party attempt to fight the powerful demon from a distance. Inkeera fires arrow after arrow into the demon. The demon screams an evil hiss and black energy forms spinning blades to stop us from continuing our assault. The party comes together and begins healing Immodeus.. when all of a sudden… 2 Mariliths… charge from 2 directions. Immodeus the brave, charges the first to sacrifice himself to protect the parties flank. He draws the legendary sword and strikes. With a loud pop the Marilith disappears. Dumbfounded the party stand watching… not know what happened. Phtim moves into position to catch the next Marilith in a flanking maneuver. The demon taunts Immodeus, feeling the rage burn inside of him, Immodeus runs past Phtim and take hit after hit from the Marilith. Phtim take this opportunity to summon energy from deep inside. He grows to the size of a giant and make ready for the battle. Immodeus withdraws and Phtim quickly moves in striking hard and fast. Each strike Phtim lands, 3 arrows strike in the same wound from Inkeera’s mighty bow. The Marilith hisses in pain and strike back…. The onslaught of the party is too much for the demon. It smiles as it begins to use its ability to teleport to safety…then its face contorts… it trys to scream but it is too late… it appears inside a wall next to Immodeus. The wall, the demon exploded… sending fire and blood everywhere.


Treasure listed on [[A party treasure]]

Marilith Explodes

City battle xp: 800
Maralith and her minions XP: 102,400

Marilith Explodes

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