Divine caster character

caster curse and adventure plot


Moments or minutes before you no longer care. You’re former ally’s betrayed you. As inevitably all evil dose, you failed to foresee the assassination and now you are cold as the life blood runs weak across the freezing stone…

Azeron, the mighty god of Redemption. Suddenly appears before you and picks you’re broken body up. With gentle care and compassion. You know only his power can save you from the abyss grasp. You know you must earn forgiveness for the transgressions you have committed when you were possessed by the Darkness.

Azeron: “Thy soul is still troubled and wavers between that of dark and light. There was once a time when my own soul faltered similar to yours. The only way to ensure the safety of this land is to ensure that your soul walks the path of light and not one of darkness. Face the coming evil and we shall see if your soul passes my judgement!”

Azeron disappears in a cloud of smoke as the first light of dawn crests the horizon. Leaving you healed in a new form with a chance of redemption…

Divine caster character

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