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You awake in a dark land. The land is cloaked in darkness with the only light coming from lightning flashing down on the jungle in the distance. You see a dark figure approach you. You move your hand towards your staff, but then you see a familiar face. It is Azeron, the God of Redemption. Why is he in this place? Is he the reason that you are here? Your mind races back to what seemed like moments ago. A fierce and immidately brief battle with Lady Magic. Your head starts to throb and the pain overtakes you. The last thing you see is Azeron bending down towards your limp body and everything goes black.
You awake in a dark room. The air around you is frigid and your body shivers uncontrollably. Out of the corner of your eye, you see Azeron lying against the cold stone walls. Watching you with keen interest.

Azeron: “You are awake Arch-Mage. I was not sure you would make it back from the dark depths this time. We have little time and I know you have many questions so I will be quick.”

Azeron explains that Malekus had made a secret pact to lend his strength to Mephite for the chaos lords’ invasion of mortal realms. In exchange Mephite would share the power of the souls of those that fell in battle with Malekus, and together they would both grow stronger with each passing victory. Although Mephite plans we’re eventually defeated by you and your friends, Mephite’s invasion killed most of the Other God’s true believers leaving the other Gods severely weakened, especially Corvintheus after the recent weakening.

Malekus capitalized again during the battles while the other gods battled the empowered demon king. During this moment of divine turmoil and weakness he entered the thoughts of the other divine Powers and exerted his will on them. He entered their dreams, appealing to their innermost ambitions and desires, and slowly warped their minds subtlety towards perpetual War.

You must assist me in stoping the evil gods plot. During you’re goddesses battle you tried to show her the corruption taking hold but Malekus had twisted her consciousnesses and she no-linger recognized you. She then turned you’re magic against you. Resulting in you’re current state."

You: “Why were you not affected like the other Gods?”

Azeron: “Malekus had tried to do the same to me but I had made my peace with my inner darkness eons ago… As for you, every time you allow the power of evil to take over in you’re magic, both Mephite and Malekus will grow stronger. You must defeat Both evil powers mortal with mortal victories, before it is too late Archmage. You will not be able to wield the full magical power you once did without learning to control such arcane power again and I cannot defeat Malekus in his current state. Together we might have a chance but we must move quickly. You must find the others before the blood moon eclipse.” Azeron stands and vanishes as he dose so.


Arcane caster player

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