Any good character


Amidst the barren Dead Forests, lies an oasis of greenery. In the distance you see a bright light and you are drawn to it. It is a beautiful priestess emanating with a powerful energy. You attempt to approach the priestess but a magic barrier stops you. As you break through the barrier!

Mysterious priestess: Why have you disrupted me???

You: You are poisoning this land! Everything is dying and the people are going mad. Why are you doing this?

Mysterious priestess: I follow the will of my lady, Aurora! Her wish is my command. You will pay dearly for interrupting me. My lady made it clear that there should be no interruptions.

Before you have time to react, a large thorny vine picks you up and throws you against a tree like a rag doll. You grip your blade and prepare for battle!

Another thorny vine shoots out from behind Mysterious priestess and targets you. You cut down the tendril and hear the priestess scream in pain. You advance on her position cutting down and dodging the shooting vines. You are a few yards from her and decide to make your move. You are not clear of her real intentions but it is clear if you leave her be, the entire Land will be destroyed. You grip your blade with both hands and jump straight up in the air and aim for her neck. You bring your blade down upon Mysterious priestess expecting to end the scourge which is devouring the Forsaken Lands. The blade slows and eventually comes to a stop. Some powerful force has stopped your blade. Suddenly, a vine grabs you around your neck and constricts cutting off your air supply.

Mysterious priestess: My lady, Aurora, protects me with her divine will. Did you think that your mortal hands would be able to pierce a god’s divine blessing?
The world around you starts to go black. You frantically try to free yourself from the vines to no avail.

A loud scream from the Mysterious priestess cuts through the air and you drop to the ground gasping for air. You see from the corner of your eye that it was you’re companion. He must have freed you. However, the restriction of air has made you weak and you cannot even stand. Meanwhile you witness Mysterious priestess resume to decimate the jungle. You curse your weakness. This world has been thrown into chaos. It seems to be unending wars and strife but yet you are only one person. Again you try to stand but it is no use. You are too weak. Is this the end? You grip your blade tight, angry that you are so helpless.

All of a sudden, a sharp pain shoots through your head. It burns but at the same time it clears your vision. You become focused and you are able to get to your feet. You see you’re lifelong friend struggling as he is captured by a vine. You become so enraged that your only thought is to destroy this evil priestess.

You rush forth with frightening speed and cut down the vine choking you’re friend. He falls to the ground but yet you make no attempt to see if he is alive. You continue on your warpath towards evil caster.

Mysterious priestess: Do you not learn whelp of Azeron? There is no hope to defeat those that have been blessed by the hands of Aurora.
Her words fall on deaf ears as you are so enraged and consumed with bloodlust that your only goal is to destroy this Mysterious priestess. You continue to cut down vines headed in your direction and again you are mere yards away from her. You swing your blade with all your might. The force that had stopped your blade previously is no longer there. The priestess narrowly dodges the attack but your blade still tastes blood as you open up a wound in her side. Her screams of pain are piercing.

Mysterious priestess: It….it…it…..cannot…be….my lady…Aurora…said that I would be…protected…..
The winds start to swirl and leaves begin to fly surrounding her. The swirling mass of leaves converges on the priestess and covers her body. The leafy mass sinks into the ground and she is gone. She has escaped…

As your bloodlust wanes, you fall to your knees. What has happened? What was that force that compelled you into your bloodlust? You now realize you’re hands are more animal then human! Your head throbs with pain again as the horror of what your hate has turned you into takes hold.

Azeron voice echoes around you. “Only when you have seen the darkness will you be able to see the light!” and then all is black as you fall to the ground.

Any good character

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