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The roar of steel against steel and swords pounding on shields drowns out the sound of warriors collapsing in the jungle outside Sanctum. You leave a trail of fallen warriors in your wake, carving your way to your target. Your battle with the city is in full force. You are breathing heavily as another enemy drops before you, and you catch your first glance of your Evil Uncle. He is not what you remember. You allow your eyes to close for an instant as you recall a memory in your childhood of him and his soldiers riding home with the sound of cheers and drums sounding in the background. He seemed so gallant then with banner in hand raised in victory after liberating this land from the Orc’s… The memory fades, and you are back in the present. Now Mathew stands before you. His face is pale, almost bluish, and his eyes are distant and cold.

Your battle begins and he charges in your direction! His strikes are powerful and swift, and you are pushed back, almost losing your step. However Mathew is not the warrior he once was, and you quickly regain your footing and push him back. The exertion is too much for his failing body… You begin to cough as dark smoke begins to emit from you’re body, and you’re eyes begin to glow with a faint eery light. As you in-pale you’re uncle on you’re blade; You’re cough becomes a small chuckle, and grows into a deep slow laugh.

Dark energy emanates around you and fumes from the surface of your skin. You feel the darkness draining away your energy with every passing moment, and you fear it may consume you.

You finish expelling The black smoke and it forms into a Demon! The large dominating figure rises before you. Five of your men charge the new enemy, and they are crushed with one swipe of its fist.

Demon: I am freeee!!! Nowww… There will be nothing… to protect you… Cower before me as you meet… Your enddd!

You continue to stumble back in awe from the infernal demon before you… The crash of his every stomp toward you rings your ears and resounds deeply in your soul. Your head begins to fill with horrid images. You begin to see people in pain, of people in deep suffering, of people burning… They are all around you. The innocent people of this village were victims to you’re possessed actions. You collapse as the demon begins killing everyone and everything. As you fall unconscious the weight of the blood on you’re hands crushing you’re very soul.

Then a soothing voice calls out to you. It begins to sound louder… You can no longer ignore it.

Azeron pulls you back from you’re crushing despair, " I believe that there might be some hope for you hidden away in a nearby forgotten temple. Go there, others will need you. I cannot exsplain more time is short and there is much I have to do." Azeron points to the moon slowly turning red and you know he needs to leave for now. Before you part ways, he points you in the direction of what he hopes is your salvation.

You awaken you’re vivid dream of traveling with Azeron the only hope to yesterday’s events and years of corruption as a possessed agent of evil.


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