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quick curse and adventure plot for melee player


You’re dieing victim calls upon her god desperately but perishes before her healing spell is cast. To you’re horror and awe; Azeron steps out of the shadows into the moonlight. Drawing his sword, wrath in his gaze. You draw your weapon and cautiously put your guard up. Where will Azeron strike from? The smoke and darkness make you uneasy but you must concentrate. From the rear! You bring your weapon up to parry just in time but the blow from Azeron still jars you. You stumble to one knee but use all your strength to repel Azeron’s blade. As you gather yourself, you try to look for an opening to strike Azeron but as the avatar stands there calmly before you, you know you will not find any weaknesses. The battle continues with your making careful attacks that minimize your openings but it is no use. Azeron parries your attacks with ease.

Azeron: “Your soul is hesitant. It is that hesitation that will lead to your destruction. Discard it and come at me with unwavering might!”

You close your eyes momentarily and calm your soul. Azeron is right. The path of a true warrior has no hesitation. You charge forth with reckless abandon and set your sights on Azeron! Do you’re eyes deceive you? There are three Azerons! They must be an illusion. But is one of them the real one? The left one! All your senses tell you its the left one! You change your course and veer to the left. You avoid the strikes from the other two Azerons and continue your charge. The left Azeron brings his blade down on you but you parry the blow with all your might causing Azeron to stumble back. There is an opening! You plunge your sword into the midsection of Azeron. Azeron bursts into a cloud of smoke. You chose wrong! It is too late. Before you have a chance to react, the real Azeron plunges the his blade into you.

You fall to your knees. The world around you grows dark a single point of light in you’re vision keeping you awake. Is this the end? The end was not as painful as you might have expected. At least you died a warrior’s death. Died in battle to the most worthy of adversary’s.

Azeron: “You have been judged. The darkness in your soul is not beyond salvation. My sword can do no harm to those that are allies of the light. Stand up warrior. You have passed this trial. Prepare yourself for the trials ahead.”

Azeron fades into the darkness and you’re heart is clear like a ray of light in the shadow’s seeing the evil of your past deeds.

melee player

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