Keep track of your wealth and ledger


your group wealth goes here. bonus XP awarded to person that keeps this updated.
party treasure:

Wealth: 0 Platinum, 3,800 silver, 0 gold, 0 Copper
Wealth total (Silver standard:) 3,800 sp, gp, cp
Silver divided amongst party members (6): 66,027sp 9gp, 6.5cp

Wand of Displacement
Lion’s Shield
Pick, Light +3
Wand of find trap
Wand of levitate
Vestment Druid’s
Potion of Cure mod
portion of flame arrow
Chainmail +3
Divine Scroll Dimensional anchor
Sap +1
Arcane scroll Phantom Steed

Book Of the Blood Moon (quest item/spellbook)
Soul Gem (cleric named Keira)
Ring of Life
Rune of Darkness
wand of inflict serious wounds
wand of lightning bolt
amulet of false life
gloves of storing
mask of the medusa
Magic Ring (estimated value 1ooogp+)(Phtim puts in for: 20)
Spellbook (estimated value 4000sp)
Ring of blessing, courage, and light
[2| amulets of The wolf
Amulet of The Crocodile
assassin cloak
broom of flying
Staff of Vigor
[2| bags of holding
Bag Of Holding III

Mystical Daggers
Redeemers Blade
minotaur double crossbow
+1 longsword of psychokinetic burst

+2 Chain shirt
Shield of Conflagration

Cold Energy Potion
5|Lava Potions
Stamina Potion

Hydra Treasure
amulet of undeath to death
angelic sword
armor of the uindead
helm of the dragon
berserker amulet
Sword of redemtion
ring of timelessn
Dagger of many woods; dagger is wooden and gains the natural strengths of nature surrounding it. Blade is a +1 dagger per 5HD. (3 HD if wielder has true believer feat: Aurora) plus terrain power.

Terrain bonus
Lake/oceans: breath water, all swim checks reduced to DC 10
Mountains: DR 3/-
Forests: trackless step and +10 movement.
Swamps: regenerate 1hp/round
Volcanos: fire resistance 10
Subterranean: cold iron and silver templates
Snow: cold resistance 10
Open Fields: freedom of movement
Mortal City’s: -1 hp per level
Other: see DM for details

Maintain: plunge dagger into the nearest element from above list. Dagger must remain in the earth for 2hrs per day as the blade is rejuvenated by you’re prayers. (1hr if wielder has true believer feat: Aurora)

Acorn that when planted will grow into a tree in 1d4 hrs, tree limbs can be harvested and used as arrows. Tree bestowes 1d3 + CHA modifier in arrows and acorn.
Arrows are +1 for every 5 HD of faithful worshiper of Aurora. (3 HD if wielder has true believer feat: Aurora)

Maintain: cannot be planted in corrupted or defiled earth. Must tend the tree, water and nurture with prayers as tree grows. Once harvested pick 1 Acorn from the tree. The new acorn is invested with magic and the Tree becomes none magical, but is still young oak tree. If grown at night takes 1d6 hrs.

Amulet of infinite virtues.
All resistances 5
Every time wielder performs an act of good they gain good karma with Mother Nature and evil acts they lose it. At the end of each day the goddess approves or disapproves . Karmas can be accumulated up to CHA bonus.

Good karma can be called upon in the following ways:

1) Luck bonus +1 to all rolls until the next sunset

2) 1,000gp of treasure per good karma accumulated.

3) 1/day any Druid spell 4th or lower

Maintain: every evening as sunset the Amulet must be dipped into a pool of water deep enough to fully submerge the item, and the oath of stewardship be sworn to protect nature.
Item: fine amulet that has the symbol of Mother Earth embroidered as the center peace.

Ring of Natural Talents.
1/day burning disarm
5/day channel the gift
3/day call lightning

Maintain: once a day the Ring must catch four drops of morning due before the sun rises.
Description: Adorned with a deep green sapphire.

Boots of the Earth bound.

The earth literally has a Firm grasp upon you’re boots. Like muddy ground. Movement is only impeded if wearer attempts to leave prime; Unable to travel via magical means in the following ways, plane shift, Gate

Grands +5 to CMD to resist charge attacks and trip attempts. In addition anyone, including wielder must succeed a strength DC of 10 + Auroras divine rank to remove boots from earth. (DC 5 + 1/2 divine rank to remove boots from feet)
Also at will power
1/day World Wave
1/day Earths blessing:
1 round per CHA bonus
+1 divine bonus to AC per 4HD for rounds equal to CHA bonus or +1 divine bonus to saves per 4HD for rounds equal to CHA bonus.

Maintain: once per day consume a gallon of water and consecrate a corrupted sight or spend time helping nature in some way. (Tend a garden, assist injured animals ect… ) roll 1d4 hrs to complete a task to satisfy you’re mother.

Spell book of earths wisdom
Contains All nature and elemental spells inscribed. Wiz/Sor can memorize spells at +2 spell slot cost and cannot use meta magic feats to augment.

Maintain: 1 minute per spell inscribed must bury the book in untainted earth and pray to the goddess of nature. Inscribing new spells must be done with a green twig and a mixture of natural liquids found in nature. One gallon of water and a dead leaf to erase spells.
Size: 1lb (size of a paperback book… Small print)


Phtim channels divine positive energy into wand of inflict critical wounds. (Knowledge Religion:24)

Phtim walks up to party …whisper under breath…“yes..fine..yes…ok”, he then faces party and says " the following would greatly help me…us… if I was allowed to have…hmm..err… use: Bag of holding, Amulet of bats, Belt of might…these items would be greatly appreciated… dagger of witch, Magic ring. and Thank you…" He then steps away and starts talking to himself… "….are useless…if i didn’t heal … dead…. Yes, one of them MIGHT have saved me…front of me……was a dragon,…. can’t be trusted. "

The dragon eyes him, “sssurely, I’m certain the bank will quickly recover from thisss… sssetback” the way the dragon speaks swells with a resounding stinge. (have you written them down? let me know and i’ll mark it off the list)


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