Keira's Soul

Red gem glows with soft red light. You feel a presence


Aura: strong (all schools) CL: 20, Slot: none, Weight: 1LB

Keira’s soul of True Faith takes the form of an ornate red gem filled with a cloudy mist that swirls of its own accord. It holds the undying flame of Keira’s faith in Azeron. When held by a divine spell caster, outsider with an alignment subtype, or a creature of especially strong religious faith. (DM’s discretion) but usually requiring a feat or trait reflecting devotion. The gem gains additional powers based on wielders alignment. All powers are command word activated.

Lawful: Chosen one, 1/day: flame strike

Chaotic: Beacon of Faith, 1/day: flame strike, cure critical wounds, Finger of death. (roll 1d3)

Good: Redeemer, 1/day: Cure critical wounds

Evil: Disdainful defender, 1/day: Finger of death


Keira's Soul

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