Minotaur double crossbow

weapon is much heaveyer and encombersom then its smaller

weapon (ranged)

Exotic weapon – Minotaur double corssbow
1d8 19-20×2 range 100ft,18lb, piercing (300sp)

this heavy weapon fires a pair of iron tipped bolts with deadly accuracy. due to its size and weight, however, non-proficient wielders suffer a – 8 penalty on their attack rolls. even proficient wielders take a – 2 penalty on their attack rolls. If the attack is successful, the target takes the listed damage twice, although critical hits and precision based damage are only applied to one of the bolts. reloading a double crossbow takes 2 standard actions (one for each bolt), although the rapid reload feat reduces this to 2 move actions (meaning that it can be accomplished in 1 round).


Minotaur double crossbow

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