Path of The blood moon

The angel and the dragon
(Post Encounter: 500xp) 2 posts required

Inkeer glides down into the canopy of the jungle and to both her and Ur’Thozz’s surprise she lands a mear 45ft away from the red dragon not much larger then her, eating a deer.

(Post Encounter: 500xp) 2 pots required

unexpected rendezvous
(Post Encounter: 1000xp) 3 posts required

Stumbling with a grumble out of dense jungle onto a game trail the godling stops at the most bizarre and unsettling sight. Two moss trolls bloodied and bound with rope and chain. A larger and dangerous looking troll is busily trying to make a fire, clearly cursing in giant and frustrated, unable to rub sticks fast enough to ignite the wood from a human cart. All around the trolls are dead villagers slashed and mutilated. One of the moss trolls begins to struggle and the larger troll turns swiftly raising a large butcher’s cleaver and severs the trolls leg. The smaller troll screams in rage at yet another limb severed. Next to a pile of lost limbs. Turning back the larger troll continues to try in vain to build a fire.

All four fail to see the slender form of an Erinyes approaching from the eastern trail. Watching with keen interest.

A man of abnormal beauty, watches the trolls with a smirk. He surveys the the carnage looking for anything that would interest him. He mumbles under his breath “…yes, mother…Fine..” He then puts his hands together and a orange light forms between his hands as a fiery greatsword appears from no where. With the stealth of hunter(Stealth roll: 29) he moves up hoping the light of his sword does not give away his position.

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