Path of The blood moon

Demonic Wishes
8,000xp, 3 posts required

You hear the summons and answer the call. Your mocking smiles fades instantly as a Glabrezu not Ur’thozz stands before you holding your foci. The party is no where to be seen. You hear the sounds of battle and screams echo from other places down a stone passage.

You look up at the Huge demon and the demon has two powerfully built dogs as big as you standing guard and a shadow demon hovering close by. Behind you is a silent unmoving statue of Azeron.

The Glabrezu’s eyes shine with glee as it recognizes you! “That whelp had YOU, the king of all Genies on his head and he still perished to my dogs…. HAHA I knew that Legate was holding out.”

“My first wish is to be healed to full hit points.”

You flinch as demons wounds close…..

Resurrection: Ur'thozz
3,000xp, 1 post required

The frozen red dragon’s death strikes home. Regardless of his draconic lust for gold; Ur’thozz sacrifice mirrors everyone’s inner desire for good. Though weakened and tired the party must choose… Leave the dragon to rest or resurrection!

Knowledge Arcana DC 20

The General encounters a Demi power
2,000xp 2 posts required

As Phtim pushes the doors open to wherever Azeron took him. The Demi- power spots a well equipped Kobold who is clearly stands out from the typical kobolds. The small lizard watches you with keen interest.

Look you little retched creature answer me?

3,000xp, 3 posts required

Traveling towards the closest X on the Liches Magical Map. Ur’thozz, Inkeera, fallen, and splinedale spot a battle below. (350ft up)

Phtim battles valiantly against overwhelming odds on a road. Demons and werewolfs spilling from the jungle on all sides.

(10 werewolfs, 60 dredges, 4 shadow demons)

Book of the Blood Moon
8,000xp 5 posts required

The book’s gem glows blood red when under the red moon, chaotic light’s radiate from the words on the bindings… it captivates you until you touch it. The touch sooths that itch you cannot scratch.

Angel and her Shadow
3,000xp 4 posts required

Inkeera brings down the last undead minotaur. Landing to retrieve arrows she spots someone or something stalking her way. Then its gone, shadows are long under the bloodmoon….

Beyond the mist to the Dark Alter
8,000xp or 2 destiny points upon completion

After a quick rest the party emerges from the tunnel. Ur’Thozz dragon senses go wild detecting undead shifting within their rock sarcophagus, clawing for release. 150ft up a slight hill there is a dark alter to a demonic power. Standing guard are two large undead minotaurs with powerful axes silently staring at nothing. At the alter is a Lich talking to the elf wizard with white eyes. They are talking in Harsh but quite tones. The Lich is holding a book and a wand while the elf holding a bloody knife and a fresh heart from their victim.

You only have time for one
Perception check DC 25 (to overhear the two)

Perception check DC 20 (identify or want to know something not addressed above)

Tunnels of Mist
1500 xp 4 posts required

The party enters the mist so thick you cannot see but an arms length ahead. You quickly lose sight of one another. Fruitless searching for a hand, wing or claw. Strangely you can still hear each other as if you are within spitting distance. Then you see a four armed skeleton 45ft away and its imitative is 13.

Forgotten Temple
1500xp or 1 destiny point, 3 posts required

The broken stained glass window of Azeron behind the pulpit glitters under the blood moons each pice seemingly catching you’re eye one after the other. You have trouble focusing and no longer able to ignore it. Perception check DC 20.

Long lost temple
(Post Encounter: 500xp) 2 posts required

With the cemetary, and temple cleared of undead. Urthozz and Inkeera split up. Inkeera heads off to investigate the Mosolium while ur’thozz begins doing what dragons do best. Find treasure….


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