Path of The blood moon

Path thus far
Reply for destiny point


Corrupt and evil souls have been judged by Azeron who shined a small light in the darkness of their hearts.

Protecting innocent and those who don’t know why Azeron is silent from the sudden influx of undead and werewolf’s.

Tracking the evil to its source the party battles a Lich and his minions. After their victory the party liberates a greater artifact that they discover to be the “book of the blood moon” contained within are secrets of great power capable of destroying or creating item or monsters on an epic and divine scale. Azeron had hidden Presumably to protect the realms.

As the party contemplates the artifact they follow clues to a large city besieged by demons. Slaying droves of demons the party is taken by surprise when the lich appears with minions to steel back the book. Destroying the liches form and retrieving the book. Taking out several powerful demons the party enters a former temple to Azeron. Inside they find the possessed Mage who offers them a place of honor as the demon princess of lust and assassin claims that with the artifact she will replace Azeron. Using brute strength and some true faith. The party subdues the demon within but without a cleric and a true believer can exercise enough divine power to free the evil hearted Mage.

With information given by the Mage as the demon hides within. The party ventures into a decrepit temple to paladin god. They discover a strange fountain where water flows upwards. Upon close inspection they find a secret passage that opens to four elemental rooms when the party overcomes Auroras challenges she bestows great gifts and asks the party to destroy the evil in the city and purify the land.

The party defeats the hydra and summons the four elementals at an alter where the curse was done. Impatiently acting the party attempts to destroy the book of the blood moon with Azerons famed blade as the powers are converge growing uncomfortable with the epic spell powering up on its own as the books guardian prepares the spell!

The resulting eruption if power annihilated the temple and the
Four elementals. The party survives ex spending heroic luck I do so. The part learns a hard lesson that destructive actions with god weapons have disastrous side effects. Without the elementals and the cursed alter the lands surrounding Avguard cannot be purified… And the land will remain cured for all time. The lesson wa harsh but perhaps necessary…

Discovering the book of the blood moon is teleported away after the destruction of the alter the party ex spends a wish to discover its location. Quickly traveling to the grand city of the area everyone is dismayed to find it under occupation by an army of the war god. Using a Colossal distraction. They sneak into the city.

A helpful wizard who is leading a resistance of Azerons faithful against the occupation gives the party insight on the sunken city below the waterfalls and the very real danger on teleportation magic.

Demons attack and the party quickly dispatch most of them. Following a wounded demon underground the party discovers an Eire temple to Azeron being overrun by demons and undead. After a vious battle with a Maralith and her minions the party takes a moment to recover and Now the silence of Azeron has reached a breaking point with Azeron’s worshipers as his faithful falter in their gods absence; the party finds themselves holding the torch of faith and the ominous foreboding that if they cannot stop the terrible chain of events; what will happen to them and the cosmos without redemption!?

Temple of Shadows
100,000xp or 2 destiny points

After the ringing of the Maraliths scream fades the party hears a faint stifled sob of anguish. Which is quickly drowned by echoes of battle from another room.

oOC: 75,000xp to the person that walks me threw adding a pic to posts.

Marilith Explodes

The party attempt to fight the powerful demon from a distance. Inkeera fires arrow after arrow into the demon. The demon screams an evil hiss and black energy forms spinning blades to stop us from continuing our assault. The party comes together and begins healing Immodeus.. when all of a sudden… 2 Mariliths… charge from 2 directions. Immodeus the brave, charges the first to sacrifice himself to protect the parties flank. He draws the legendary sword and strikes. With a loud pop the Marilith disappears. Dumbfounded the party stand watching… not know what happened. Phtim moves into position to catch the next Marilith in a flanking maneuver. The demon taunts Immodeus, feeling the rage burn inside of him, Immodeus runs past Phtim and take hit after hit from the Marilith. Phtim take this opportunity to summon energy from deep inside. He grows to the size of a giant and make ready for the battle. Immodeus withdraws and Phtim quickly moves in striking hard and fast. Each strike Phtim lands, 3 arrows strike in the same wound from Inkeera’s mighty bow. The Marilith hisses in pain and strike back…. The onslaught of the party is too much for the demon. It smiles as it begins to use its ability to teleport to safety…then its face contorts… it trys to scream but it is too late… it appears inside a wall next to Immodeus. The wall, the demon exploded… sending fire and blood everywhere.

Lets Talk

before I start working on next campaign or season. I defiantly want some feedback with the new rules, heroic destiny, skills, monster classes? Both good or bad, Main reason I went with the set skill points is stated under the tab another reason is if you all think of something you want to do I can quickly come up with a reasonable DC because I know your level and cant keep track of specifics on everyones character….

Power of the Blood Moon
4 posts or resolve the problem

On the alter to Azeron there is a slot for an open book to be placed… red moon light seems to penetrate the ceiling without windows.

Elemental walls
5,000xp per wall bypassed

Within a forelorn looking temple to the hallowed paladin, In a massive room nearly big enough for a huge dragon to stand. Is a long table with 13 rotten chairs. Clearly once a very important room, not much remains but dominating the far side is a fountain running down the wall clearly eminating from a magical source.

Perception check DC 25

City Ruins of Avguard
5,000xp or 1 destiny point

Utter Destruction the city ruins has been mostly reclaimed by the jungle but the main city streets are still walkable. A fly over revivals that the city wasn’t destroyed by invaders. Walls are the most preserved section of the city. The gates were crushed from the inside out… In fact it appears everywhere are signs of a long ago chaotic battle where the city destroyed its self… From within!

Colossal Problems
10,000 XP or 1 destiny point

Ur’thozz appears in the city. His colossal form shattering houses and shops like they are made of twigs and paper. At the appearance of a Wyrm the demons flee along with their captives! pure chaos erupts in all directions. The Fallen glares up at Ur’thozz while he floats near the dragon…. “Two wishes and nothing good.”

Lady Nocticula
20,000xp or 2 destiny points resolve encounter

DC 10: renouned demon assasin, demon lord who grows stronger with each kill

DC 15: She is the first succubus, she assasinates durning sex acts. She only travels to the prime when the shadow paths are open.

DC 20: Nocticula is approaching accention to godhood. She walks the night durning the eclips of the bloodmoon, only Azeron knows how to banish her.

DC 25: She is the banished daughter of Azeron. She hates him and has vowed to one day take his place.
the white eyed mage raises her hands from the broken earth. the cracks emit a strange green demonic glow. she smiles “two for two. perhaps I should have sought you out and not Legate. Join me and renounce Azeron!”

Snake demon
17,000xp, finish encounter

This snake-bodied fiend has a six-armed woman’s torso, pointed ears, and glittering, otherworldly eyes. guards a passage, invites you into her den of evil.


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