Character Creation

Playable Races: standard pathfinder race + Lycanthrope template or Pathfinder evil Monster race. (see house rules for more info)

Point Buy system: pathfinder normal

Heroic Destiny

Starting Level: 8th

Bonus level 9: Create your maptools token. (Ready to play)

Bonus Magic items: create an indepth description of the city or village you gerw up in.

Approved Alignment: Any good/nutral

Approved Dieties: Azeron, (feel free to worship additional gods but they are not campain central focus)

Starting Cash: 2,500sp

Starting Equipment Martial classes: +1 Armor, +1 Ranged or Melee, +1 ring, +2 shield or +2 amulet, +1 cloak of resistance.

Starting Equipment Caster Class: +1 Bracer, +1 ring, +1 melee or ranged, +2 Amulet, +1 coak of resistance.

Pathfinder traits: all players may pick 1 trait from list. If it is writen into your character bio.

Character Creation

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