Heroic Destiny

Your Destiny will play a large role in the campain. Whether or not you embrace your destiny wont penalize you but definatly wont provide you any aditional bonuses.

Destiny Points are a resource that you can use to help you to fulfill your destiny. Thies points willl allow you to perform nearly impossible task or survive against all odds. Only a character with a destiny can gain or spend destiny points.

Spending Destiny Points
Spending a Destiny point dose not take an action or grants one of the following benefits:
- Automatically score a critical hit (No attack roll required)
- Automatically cause an attack made against you to miss (even once the attack is resolved)
- Act out of turn (thus changing your position in the initiative order)
- Take damage that would otherwise harm another character within your reach
- Increase the effect of some spells or magical effects. (metamagic feats without spell penalty. Maximize or quicken a fireball)
- Take 20 on any skill check made within a 1 minute period.
- Immediately restore 3 exspended spell slots or spell like abilitys or charges on magic items
- Something I didn’t cover (Ask, requires DM approval)

note: A character may accumulate as many Destiny Points as she has levels. When a character fulfuills her destiny the DM will award points. (for example, Bullock kills a nameless evil he was destined to kill, after which he sill has 2 unspent Heroic Destiny points. Bullock recieves 5 for the kill and not how 7.)

Note 2: Destiny Bonus; when a character accomplishes a goal or performs a task that clearly moves him/her closer to fulfilling his destiny (GM’s determination) he gains points.

Penalty: When a character dose something that clearly moves him away from his destiny (GM’s Determination), he suffers a short – term negative effect.

Fulfilled: When a character fulfills his destiny, he gains these permanent benefits. Sometimes fulfilling a destiny has other effects as well.

Choose your destiny

Education / Redemption / Destruction / Discovery / Rescue / Construction

Heroic Destiny

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