House Rules

1. First level hit dice is Max. Rolling for hit dice at each level, player rolls once and takes the roll or half. (1d10, If you roll 1 it becomes a 5.)

2. Players will be required to keep their character sheet and notes upated on the web page.

3. Characters trained in tuble can make an opposed tumble check whenever an opponent tried to tumble through an adjacent or occupied square to avoid an attack or opportunity. if the character succeeeds they may make an attack of opportunity as if they oppenent had moved through the square normally. If the character is not trained in tumble , The opponents tumble check works as written.

4. Having two characters created is fine. Only one can be activly on the adventure. (roll yourself a brother, spouse, best friend. They are considered NPC’s and support charcters.)

5. Damage reduction will be as D&D 3.5 rules, as they are geared to be in PC favor.

6. Players can get extra XP by helping me with pre-game stuff and by expanding, updating this site. Bonus combat XP will be awarded if you roll for me with NPC’s.that way I can focus on descriptions and tactics which usually get cut down due to all the rolling I have to do.

7. Characters who are dying ( -1 hit points or greater) can attempt to stabilize with a Fortitude save, DC 10 +1 for every negative hit point (DC 11 at -1HP or DC 19 at -9HP). Players can go negative equal to negative 10 + con modifier. ( +4 means -14 and at -15 you die)

Vic’s New Skill System
8. All races gain 1 free class skill of their choice. Humans may chose 2 and it becomes a class skill for you.

9. XP is awarded the player that rolls a natural 1 or 20 on the dice roll. XP will scale by level. (100xp times HD)

10. Monster races gain a bonus +4 HP per HD and monster HD will add to any class ability a you do have to compensate for class levels. (5HD monster with 1 level of oracle. Calculates his spell DC and spell bonuses as if he was a 6lvl oracle. He dose not gain spells per day for 6lvl oracle.)

11. Any evil monster race can be chosen from the monster manual. HD of the base monster must be taken in full. Up to you’re starting level. (If its a 6HD troll you take base race and have 4 class levels) Monster races must have express approval of DM.

House Rules

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