Blood moon rising!

As the silent watcher turned his gaze upon the full moon of the solstice. A shiver ran up his spine as his eyes blackened with the true nature of evil. "Father! "
Arkondon followed the lead of the other great servants to Azeron as everyone backed away in fear. The humble saint leaned towards his new mentor. Azerons greatest servant Amon. “What is happening ?” The faithful soul places his bony hand on Arkondon pulling him quickly back.

“Azeron is now under the sway of his fathers curse. known only to us and the other gods as “the curse of blood moon!” Which only happens every hundred mortal years. The true curse of Azerons father takes hold." Arkondon looks worried… “True curse? Who could curse Azeron!” Amon nods as he closes the door to the sanctum of Azeron. “You more than any of us should know.” Arkondon shivers uncontrollably at past memories. As the shadow plane consumed the door that only moonlight could reveal. Amon continued his story. "True curses cannot be broken they are eternal afflictions. The over god did this to Azeron as price of his betrayal. All I know is during the rebellion of the gods Azeron spoke the words of chaos. Why, only the other gods may know. The result was his father had to expert great will to bar the lords of chaos from physically entering our world. This allowed the gods a chance to win. The action saved the day but not the war or Azeron! Sadly that is all I know. Until the blood moon sets Azeron is dead to us. We must manage his affairs and guard the mortal realms while our master suffers.

Arkondon frowns, “what of the Avatars?” Amon shakes his head. They all proceeded to the abyss, during this time they transform and reap carnage under the blood moon. Azeron choses to unleash them on the abyss or the hells. The unquenchable blood lust is best spilled there. We the silent watchers most powerful servants will return to the realms under the guise of his Avatars and ensure the church remains strong. The powerful evils that hate Azeron know we are weekend now.

Within the chamber a Howell if regret with mixed fury echoed and emanated out across the shadow plane. Arkondon nods. What must I do? Amon points where the door was. Ensure our master dose not escape. The Saint frowned. “What!?”

Amon nods, evil will seek to let him out. Azeron has warned if he escapes his prison, the blood moon will never set and usher the end of the gods! Arkondon looks around. “I will watch over Azeron as he has always watched over me.” Arkondon peered at the hidden door. Wondering what transpired within….

Uncountable times Azeron peered into his own heart. As the Greatest of his fathers creations his punishment was the most severe. The god that was cursed his beloved son to know intimately the evil he naively ushered into the world at the moment of betrayal! When Azeron led his siblings in a feudal war against their father. The Darkness of Chaos consumed him. The peace of Law was forever striped from him.

With tieless and immortal resolve Azeron transformed into a beast of Chaos! Unbridled raw power to counter the unyielding eternal will of Law. As the first and every time after pain rattled his body and soul. The chaotic powers within clawing their way out.

As the beast sought escape! Azeron recounted the look of his fathers face at the appearance of chaos before him! With the forbidden power Azeron battled his father into a stale mate of wills, but like the very nature of his new powers. Azeron became reckless and with ignorant arrogance he continued drawing upon the powers of chaos.

During the climatic battle Azeron raced across the plane at his father powerful Muscles speed him far ahead of his siblings. The god that was knelt placing his hand upon the essence of the plane. Law emanated outward. Azeron Leaping over the spell that could purge chaos went for the kill. Then found himself atop his father before he could tear the jugular; his fathers hand touched his forehead. Tracing a rune of redemption on Azeron.

Suddenly Azeron saw himself threw eye of law as he was a being darker then night, corrupted with the hate of chaos! Surrounded by legions of demons! The very races he sought to protect we’re being corrupted. Transforming and twisting into monsters themselves. As they died their dark souls were transformed into tenarr’i. Many of the firstborn were now lords of the abyss. His brothers were not just battling the hosts of the overgod but each other. As the remaining Archangel’s shattered dead body’s struck the plane some angels broke ranks in a race for their weapons. The cosmos had descended into chaos!

With a Howell of horror Azeron cry’s out: “What have I done!”

All Father: “You have gotten what you asked for Azeron. Chaos! Without Law there can only be chaos.”

Azeron: “This isn’t what I wanted.”

All Father: “I know but it is the result of you’re wielding the power of Chaos. You didn’t want my Law and you destroyed much if it with Chaos. See you’re future for once I am gone chaos will consume you and everyone. Even now its terrible cycle begins.”

Azeron: “How do I stop it father? I just wanted the mortal races to be allowed to live their lives and choose good.”

The all father’s voice takes on a stern tone. "Everything has its place. You created beings with no purpose. Their efforts are meaningless and futile. "

Azeron snarled “because you wouldn’t write them into you’re grand plan!” The overgod places his hand over his sons shoulder. Because this was their fate! Look at them all."

Azeron’s eyes widened as his mind grasped the entire being of his father. Like a plague Chaos slowly spread everywhere infesting everything once corrupted beyond salvation. The plane would return to the abyss and descended into the chaos at the bottom and the end of everything lay the void lord of nothingness consuming all. “I must save them! How do we save everything.”

The all father shook his head. “I cannot save them, but perhaps you can.” Azeron grabbed his fathers shoulders. “We can do it together! As we did long ago.”

The god that was snaps his fingers and the entire plane descends into darkness as the shadow plane came into being. The armies of chaos bellowed and begin attacking themselves in blind confusion. With a wave of his other hand the divine battle shifted to the prime, deep shadows appeared on prime plane of mortal existence. As Helios rose at the sight of his enemy’s.

The other gods called their armies rallying for a combined attack on their father who held Azeron in thrall! The all father knelt to recover. Even his powers had limits because his Laws applied even to him. Azeron knelt beside him.

“NO, Azeron you are corrupted with chaos. You cannot save chaos from its self!” I now see you are not beyond saving but you’re redemption can only come threw saving them!"

The overgods eyes blaze a million times brighter than the sun!
“You’re redemption shall forever be linked to you’re creations. Their redemption is you’re own. You’re curse is you’re punishment and be thy eternal reminder of the evil lurking within Chaos.

Azeron crumpled in Agony and Watching helplessly As the all father assaulted the other gods simultaneously incinerating most of their aspects and avatars! With a single gaze attack! Then the deities were within striking range. All father turned; back handing Ambrosia the force of it sent the goddess into the stars, taking a half step and kneeing Malekus in the chest then as the battle lord was suspended in pain; the all father hit him with such force he plummeted threw the earth and into another plane. As he did so the all father grabbed Mephiet’s powerful incoming tail with the other hand. To the corruptors surprise the overgod used him like a flail and killed several the minor deities in rapid succession!

Dropping the mutilated body of Mephite the deity that was turned to see Aurora trying to help Azeron. Corvintheus stepped between them! “No father!”

Corvintheus Didn’t finish blinking before his left arm and shield broke with the punch of his fathers fist. He almost dodged the second punch but the blow to his temple sent the unconscious defender skipping across the plane shattering mountains as he went finally a peak toppled on him.

Aurora flinched in horror! But the blow didn’t come. “I understand now why you wouldn’t let me expunge them Azeron. I cannot destroy you or you’re siblings for the same reason.” Aurora cowered when her father placed a gentle hand on her and Azeron. The all fathers entire body began to glow with unconfined power. “Father!” The goddess called unable to grasp what was happening!

“Live Strong my daughter and tell Azeron….” A SILENT IMPACT to the air emunated from the All Father and LIGHTNING erupted in all directions every arc sparked huge fires and triggered earthquakes or tsunamis. From each epicenter the LIGHTNING cracked again arcing and continuing a chain of unbroken destruction. The force of the following exsplotion sent the two gods flying back Aurora struck her head and desperately reached for Azeron as Darkness took her!!!! The world shattering all around her!!!


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