Ruin's of Avguard

The party discovers their journey must take them to Avguard! The cursed place even monsters dare not venture for fearing what calls the ruins home.

Arkondon: “It is during our darkest moments that we must focus to see the light.”

Adventure summary
The party ventures into a decrepit temple to paladin god. They discover a strange fountain where water flows upwards. Upon close inspection they find a secret passage that opens when Glendale removes a coin with Auroras holy symbol on one side and symbol of water on the other.

The secret door behind the fountain opens revealing the passage is flooded solid with water that doesn’t spill out onto them. Entering the passageway party is suddenly pulled by a current into a vortex after several intense rounds Phtim, Glendale manage to swim free… With powerful resolve Immodeus almost reaches air but swimming in full plate expended so much energy he passes out without air. Party quickly sends the rogue in on a rope and with Phtim pulling they get the paladin out. Phtim uses breath of life just in time.

Immodeus, Phtim, Glendale remove the next coin and the next room is empty stone with small holes. Immodeus feet are punctured as spikes shoot up. The rogue finds the one flaw in the overly trapped room. If they don’t touch the stone it can’t hurt them. (Using the broom of flying they all were scoffing at when they found it). Bracing for the air room as they pull the coin all the air is suddenly vacuumed out as the fire room down the hall eats the air filing the supernatural inferno. Glendale flails to inhale before the oxygen is gone and passes out. Immodeus picks him up and the party runs towards the fire! With the added weight the paladin can’t hold his breath… Passes out nearly to the room of fire. Phtim glances back as he reaches the fire room. Silently cursing the godling returns for his companions and his burning lungs exhale involuntary and miraculous he is able to catch a breath! Picking up both companions he runs threw the inferno. Everyone takes fire damage but not lingering they will recover.

Healed and recovered they pull the fire coin and the inferno dissipates.

A beautiful statue of Aurora stands… Four coins slots at the statues base. Putting them in the goddess animates the statue and bestows a gift on each party member that they will need to vanquish the defiler and purify the city. Auroras Gifts.

The party returns to city above and locates Ur’thozz who found a colossal tunnel that had a putrid smell. Going down the party walks into a layer if a 12 headed hydra!

(25,000xp for good combat summary)


Phtim/Glendale/Immodeus: 40,000xp
Hydra kill: 60,000
Summon elemental lords: 20,000

Ruin's of Avguard

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