Shadow of Chaos

Under the blood moon, demons of shadow who fear no sword or arrow. Pray on the land. They suck the souls from all who live, like a glutton sucking marrow from bones. Can you prove Azeron right in placing his faith in walking the path to redemption.

Arkondon: “Ask not what others can do for you but what can you do for others.”

Adventure summary

The party travels at best speed towards the first X on their a quired map. On reaching the town they find it under assault by demons, evil people and undead. Most of the villagers have been rounded up, though screams and battle still ring in other places.
A blackguard promises anyone who denounces Azeron will be spared. The party attacks the demons and their allies. Kobolds bellow and attack deciding to fight for a true dragon then demons. Chaos erups as everyone for them selfs battle sparks.

The party finds that the archer demons are much tougher then they appear. Focusing on one at a time they bring them down. As the last demon archer dies the party assists the last group of kobolds and kills the undead blackguard and a magus.

Entering the grand halls the party battles a variety of lesser demons and vampire spawn, saving a few people but most of Azerons faithful have already perished. Entering a large room the party runs into two powerful demon wolves. In pitched battle the party slowly begins to lose and Ur’thozz is knocked down. When the dragon falls an etten skeleton runs forward and steals book of the blood moon and fallens foci! Phtim and Inkeera manage to bring one down evening the odds. With a lot of luck and well placed blows they kill the last. Phtim calls upon the earth and heals the party.

Chasing the skeleton they enter the next room where the lich Lagate and a glabrezu. As the party rushes in their minions attack. Legate turns to leave ordering the demon to kill everyone. As all evil dose the demon latches onto the lich and attacks demanding the two artifacts! As the party finish off the lesser demons. Legate blasts the glabrezu with lightning bolt and gets free with the book but the demon with the foci.

Ur’thozz charges past everything to reach the lich before he escapes. The glabrezu catches a bite but is unable to stop him. Inkeera and Phtim finish the servants leaving only the huge demon. As Ur’thozz harries the lich to slow him down. Phtim orders the glabrezu to stop fighting the part…. To the shock of everyone including the demon he obeys.

While Inkeera battles all around demenion dooring all around the next room attacking blackguard and demons; Ur’thozz and Phtim are able to stop Legate with teamwork and cunning. The lich realizes he is outmatched by the two and attempts and fails to break free with a critical fail the party finish him off. Ur’thozz knows legates death throw and shields Phtim who was near death. The explosion rocks the room and as the negative energy dissipates Ur’thozz is crumpled over Phtim rigor mortis already set in. Phtim tries in vein but Ur’thozz is gone….

Inkeera knows that the fallen could grant wishes to powerful divine spells. Perhaps the only way to revive the dragon during Azerons silence.

The Heros track the demon and find the kobold general and spindale watching the glabrezu and his rallied demons. The demon is identifying and scrutinizing the foci crown with keen interest.

Archer demons – 3,000xp
All lesser demons – 1,000xp
1/20 – (1,000xp per)
Dog demons – 9,000xp
Glabrezu – 4,000xp
Legate – 10,000xp
Ur’thozz party treasure updated: 2,000xp

Heroic destiny completed: Ur’thozz

Heroic points
Phtim + 1
Inkeera + 1

second game——
Glabrezu and demons – 6,000xp
Roll playing : 3,000xp
Abe’s background: 9,000xp
Tim’s background: 2,000xp
Tim/Charles party treasure update: 2,500xp
Snake demon: by post
Possessed: by post
Player that writes glabrezu summary: 5,000xp

Shadow of Chaos

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