Under the sway of a Blood Moon

Most were-creatures do not seek redemption. under the red moon those lost souls now remain in their hybrid forms as mindless beasts ravaging the country side and city’s. each person they infect rapidly joins the ranks of chaos. Azeron is silent and many now feel the anguis of hopelessness creeping into their minds.

Arkondon: “Only those with true remorse for their evil sins can overcome CHAOS!”

Adventure summary
Ur’thozz and Inkeera spot alot of smoke rising from a small village near their meeting spot. Ur’thozz can smell disaster from miles away. As they party quickly covers the distance they fly high over the village scouting it. A werewolf pack has attacked the village and is excicuting them one at a time in the village square right before a shrine to Azeron. The shrine is shrouded in a cloud of dark smog forming about the shrine. Inkeera notices that the blood from the murders is slowly running up into the shrine, as a werewolf lord prased with crazed urgency. Ur’thozz can see utter uncontrolled rage in the eyes of the hybrid. So absorbed in their profane acts that the part is able to attack unseen. Ur’thozz lands and breaths fire upon some of the guards while Inkeera attaks the pack leader from roof tops. Inkeeras’ arrows fly true and her first volly hit the pack leader square in the neck, it stops praying and turns uncontrollable rage and hate in its yellow eyes. As blood uns down its neck it growels and charges towards the fallen angel. While Urthozz is embrolled in melee with the rest of the pack tradig blows unafraid at the three to one odds.

Inkeera launches another cluster of arrows that strike the werewolf lord in the head, the last going into his skull. The werewolf lord at a dead run tumbles head over heals into the building crashing threw the cedar wood wall. Inkeera jumps down and makes sure the pack leader is dead. As the others see the Alpha die they lose all desire to fight and run into the forest in full retreat.

The villages cautiously thank the two but would flee from them if the wolves were not out in the forest. Urthozz unsucessfuly trys to put them at ease, his draconic preasence alone terrifys the villages who have never seen a dragon. Inkeera searches the buildings for survivors and walks in on a possesed female elf who is standing next to the mutalated wizard in his studdy covered in his blood. Inkeera knows a possesed mortal when she sees one, but unlike most possestions this ones eyes have no puples just white. “Too late Devil! We win this round…” Inkeera calls upon Azeron and the Demon shreeks in rage and pain grabbing a magic scroll on the desk and teleporting away.

Ur’thozz shrugs off the encounter between the two outsiders and loots the magic shop. Inkeera reads one of the papers left on the desk the wizard had located a graveyard a few days march from the village and he was making plans to travel there but hadn’t yet.

Inkeera talks Ur’thozz into traveling to the graveyard.
Forgotten Temple
As the party flys the first blood moon begins riseing into the sky. It is unsettling and the howels across the jungle reinforce it was a good idea to fly. The party lands before the anchent gates of the cemetary, a dence fog surrounds the area, silouets move all about and the decition to not fly into the fog blind increases their resolve. Beyond the gate everything is dead or withering in torment. The jungle trees at the edge of the gate seem to pull back from it. As the pair enter into the graveyard they spot several undead begin to rise from shallow graves at the presence of life energy.

After a brief smartly planed battle the undead are vanquished. Ur’thozz begins digging around the graves for loot, while Inkeera scouts. She discovers a temple of azeron with unearthly whispers eminating from it, a crypt with a demon mark claiming it and a tunnel escavated behind the temple.

The party enters the temple of Azeron. They see a skeleton on fire with purple flames preaching at a pulpet. Several ghouls are sitting listening. the whispers are dark and uninteligable. A huge glass window that once had a picture of azeron behind the burning skeleton is broken unearthly light shines from the window…

The party attacks and with relative ease kills the undead. Unestaling was the undead wailed Azerons name in eternal anquish until their true death. Inkeera takes quick stalk and notices Azeron’s broken portrate pointing. Searching she finds several hidden objects.

Inkeera insists on searching more buildings to finish off any undead. Ur’Thozz cuts his companion a tired look. “I feel a bit tired, I will rest here and guard the temple while you scout it out. Be safe.” Inkeera heads out and rolls her eyes as the red dragon settles down and starts counting treasure.

Inkeera dispatches a few undead at range then enters the crypt. Inside she sees bugs eating corpses and a Shadow Demon lording over his crypt. Inkeera knows the battle could turn quickly but the one constant in her life, good or bad fallen or saved. Angels smite demons! With a volly of arrows Inkeera steps in. The Shadow demon flys at blinding speed closing the gape as arrows hit it. Most go threw the incorporeal monster but several strike it. The two fight to a near stail mate and Inkeera backs out of the crypt. The demon vanishes not leaving its area. Knowing its injured the angel goes back in. This time the demon springs a trap, but to its dismay Inkeera overcomes its ambush and the battle turns. Inkeera covers her eyes as the demon dies in an exsplosion of darkness. Inkeera takes its stash of items and returns to her friend not wanting to venture into the tunnel, which was not made by men…..

As Inkeera battles undead minions from the sky as Ur’Thozz charges the lich, with expert flying skills the dragon attacks the undead. A vicious battle ensues as the two trade blows, breath fire and cast spells. Ur’Thozz is finally able to grapple the lich and breath deadly fire on the powerful undead as it claws at his face its deathly cold hands tearing scales and freezing the dragon. Suddenly the lich screams as the dragons flames melt its skull, the yellow flames of its eyes implode. Negative energy exsplodes all around Ur’Thozz violently chocking his life force with necromantic power…

Ur’thozz awakens surprised to be alive but nauseated from the nearness of death begins belching fire for several rounds catching the area around the alter on fire. slightly recovered but very weak the dragon begins to loot his spoils. With no sign of Inkeera or other undead in sight.

Ur’thozz takes the liches spell book and wand of lightning bolt, then searches the dead cleric. He finds she is wearing a priceless crown and a strange red gem. While cleaning the dirt off the crown, a sudden dark cloud swirles in a vortex before him and a muscular giant with crimson skin, smoldering eyes, and small black horns, smoke rises in curls from its flesh as it steps out of the vortex. “WHO DARES SUMMON ME?” Ur’thozz blathers and makes exscuses before the giant until he realizes whom ever wears the crown can ask for wishes. The little red dragons love of gold overcomes his caution and he wishes for gold despite the warning that this Genie is cursed by Azeron, and wishes made for evil desires are known to the god. “Granted” a pile of gold appears before him. Too Ur’Thozz’s dismay other then having to grant wishes the fallen genie cannot be controlled. This sparks an argument and for a long time the two bicker and quarrel. Until neither can ignor the growing presence of the “Book of the blood moon” its powers seem to captivate magical creatures, particularly the genie.

Threatened Ur’Thozz try’s to swallow the book, despite its small size he cannot get his mouth around the small book. Ur’thozz tells the genie to do something with the book and the Fallen hides it within his foci for safe keeping. The fallen exsplains that within his foci is a limitless void within that he lives in, all party treasure can be held within the extra dimensional space, but as Ur’thozz learns The Fallen dose not need to voluntarily return the items unless you wish for it.

Ur’thozz and the Genie continue to argue as they inspect the magical map the lich was using. The Fallen takes notes and creates a copy for the party. Inkeera returns to the quarleing pair with her new companion in tow, fetchling’s are extremely rare. Decedents of the humans who followed Azeron to the shadow plane long ago to serve him. What he did to warrant banishment by his god lingers over the party, but Inkeera reminds her companions that Azeron has given each of them a chance, the least they could do is offer the fetchling the same.

Heroic Destiny
Inkeera 1d6 + 2
Ur’Thozz 1d6 + 2

Village battle: 2,000xp
Possessed encounter: 100xp
Natural 1/20: 5,400 (6 × 900)
Graveyard battle: 1,000xp
Temple battle: 1,000xp
(inkeera)mummy: 250xp
(inkeera) crypt battle: 3,250xp
Urthozz: 1,500xp listing party treasure
dark tunnel: posted under adventure log
forgotten temple: posted under adventure log
dark alter: posted under adventure log

-1,000xp stealing magic items from the village

second game xp
Inkeera battle 3,000xp
Urthozz lich kill: 10,000xp
spindale, fallen, urthozz: 3,000xp (rollplaying)
Inkeera, urthozz, spindale, fallen: 15,000xp (obtaining bloodmoon book)
fallen: 2,000xp copying magic map
fallen: 1,000xp granting 1 wish.

Under the sway of a Blood Moon

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