Were tribes

Werewolfs are the most powerful by sheer numbers and they hunt in packs! There are several rival clans

Tigers are powerful but few in number. They select their members after a long process where loyalty and honor truly show.

City rats tend to be an entrepreneur guild. keeping to the populated areas. Other clans ( particular wolf kill rats any chance they get.)

Boar’s found in small city’s and on farms. While quick to anger they are generally protective of their territory travel in small groups.

Crocodile clan are like a tribal society they control main rivers and lakes very dangerous. Most consume other were-creatures to gain their power or graces from Azeron.

Bat clan are few in number but very powerful. The flight gives them unique advantage over the others. Some of the werebats believe they are actually vampires and once they die they become undead. Because of this they do not fear death and even welcome deadly battles.

Bear’s are less of a clan and more wandering nomads. Only the older and powerful bears set up a den or cave. It is rumored there is a large bear clan that is subterranean.


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