Deep in the heart of No-mans land called Forsaken Lands an unknown battle rages on, oblivious to the empires surrounding it. This is a Fantasy role playing story about a war between the forces of good and evil in the mythical world of The god that was.

Path of The blood moon! Every hundred years a blood moon rises and a were-creature’s run rampant crazed by Azeron’s terrible curse. Will you be able to rise to Azeron’s call and bring this new tale of treachery, adventure to life, with the most unlikely heroes.

Season 1:
Episode 1: Under the sway of a Blood Moon / Revelations 1
Episode 2: Shadow of Chaos / Revelations 2
Episode 3: Ruin’s of Avguard / Revelations 3
Episode 4: Hidden Truths / Revelations 4
Episode 5: Second Chances / Revelations 5

What do I need to play
Games are run once or everyother week 3-4 Hours long, with MapTool(most current update) and Skype.

Character Creation / House Rules / Approved Classes / approved worship / Economy / New Feats / Heroic Destiny / Flaws / XP level chart

Path of The blood moon

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