Path of The blood moon

Temple of Shadows

100,000xp or 2 destiny points

After the ringing of the Maraliths scream fades the party hears a faint stifled sob of anguish. Which is quickly drowned by echoes of battle from another room.

oOC: 75,000xp to the person that walks me threw adding a pic to posts.


well, Immodeus pops a potion and journey’s onward towards the sound of battle. though ever so cautious. he wants to know who’s battling who before he jumps into a fray

Temple of Shadows

In the next room you see two more demons battling a cleric of Azeron nearly dead. Battling with his last visages of strength. All around fallen faithful are dead and numerous more demons rapidly rotting away!

Temple of Shadows

Phtim charges forward screaming “Back to hell, fowl demon”

Temple of Shadows

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